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The cost of studying and living in The UK

The cost of studying and living in The UK

Student life in the UK :

If you are lucky enough to get a university scholarship in The UK; Or if you are one of those wishing to travel to The UK to complete a bachelor's or postgraduate degree; This article is aimed specifically at you.

Inevitably, you faced some concerns while thinking of traveling to The UK about the cost of studying and living in The UK, as it is one of the world's countries with the highest standards of living and high prices, so studying there is one of the most important financial challenges facing most students.

But the situation differs in different cities and universities in it, as London and the universities it contains are the most expensive in The UK, and on the other hand, there are many universities in the northern region of England enjoying a relatively low cost.

The number of academic years for a bachelor’s degree, for example, is 4 years, and postgraduate studies take place within one year only, which is contrary to what we are in the Arab countries, where the study in the Bachelor’s degree extends from 4 to 7 years in some universities and majors, and postgraduate studies are not less than 2: 3 years, so you can equate the costs over the number of years to find that the cost difference is not as high as it appears.

The most important features of the study in The UK:
Studying in The UK is the best and most famous in the world, in addition to studying in the United States of America. This is for several reasons:

The quality of education that guarantees the student an ideal working life and keeps pace with the requirements of the labor market after graduation, as well as the reliance of those universities on the use of the latest scientific technologies and advanced discoveries in the study It has high efficiency and impressive global results.

The world ranking occupied by most of its universities, four universities in The UK topped the ranking of the ten best universities in the world, and there are approximately 18 British universities out of the top 100 universities in a classification held in 2016.

Paying attention to scholarships granted by the British government to many countries, as well as providing all means of welfare and health care for students.

Its citizens are among the most  friendly people that welcome international students from everywhere, which creates a feeling of familiarity and reassurance among students.

That is why The UK is an ideal destination for education abroad, where it is of high quality, picturesque nature, and technological, scientific and cultural progress.

Study and living costs in The UK:

How much does it cost to study in The UK on my own?
We can offer approximate study costs in some scientific disciplines as follows:

The cost of a year in a bachelor’s degree is estimated at £ 1,000 per year on average, and it may increase or decrease depending on the major required and the type of university.

The cost of studying in the humanities and social sciences major from 10,000: 17,000 pounds sterling.

The cost of studying for a major in Medical and Clinical Sciences from 20,000: 30,000 GBP.

The cost of studying for a major in engineering sciences from 10,000: 20,000 pounds.

The average cost of studying for postgraduate studies is estimated at £ 20,000.