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Study in The UK for free 2021

 Study in The UK for free 2021

Perhaps the most characteristic of studying in The UK after its high quality is the high cost of its tuition fees, in addition to the cost of living and travel when it comes to international students. However, the dream of studying in The UK for free is made possible by fully funded scholarships, which can cover living expenses, medical expenses, travel costs and full study fees.

 Full-cost scholarships to study in the UK for free

It is known that scholarships in The UK may not include most of the costs that the student needs in order to study in The UK for free, as some scholarships may cover the costs of tuition fees only, while others may cover living expenses only. However, what many students do not know is that there are fully funded scholarships, which provide most of what a student needs to pursue his studies in The UK for free, if not all.

 Here we offer you some carefully selected scholarships, which cover all the costs of studying and living in The UK, and sometimes even include travel costs, health insurance, and the costs of buying books.

British chevening scholarship

 Applying for a British Chevening Scholarship is the first choice for international students, especially those looking for scholarships to study masters in The UK. The program usually covers the costs of obtaining a master's degree for one year. This includes tuition fees in The UK, the cost of living, a round-trip airfare in economy class to the United Kingdom, and additional grants to cover basic expenses.

The link to apply to benefit from the British chevening scholarship program

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford's Clarendon Scholarships Fund offers generous, full-cost scholarships for graduates who qualify to study at the university. Clarendon scholarships are based on academic excellence and leadership potential that allows them to excel at the University of Oxford. These scholarships cover fully tuition, living and transportation expenses.

Link to apply for the Clarendon University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarships Program

Full Westminster International Scholarships

The Westminster Scholarships are among the most competitive in The UK, mainly due to the fact that they are open to international students from developing and middle-income countries. It gives them the ability to study for free in The UK full-time, by covering all tuition fees and accommodation and living expenses. This is in addition to all airfare in economy class to and from the University of Westminster.

 The link to apply for the full Westminster International Scholarships program

Denys Holland Scholarship

It is a scholarship affiliated with University College London. It seeks to support university students, including international students. Financial need is adopted as a first criterion for benefiting from the scholarship, followed by high academic return, and then leadership potential. With 9000 pounds sterling annually, this scholarship can contribute to achieving the dream of many students to study for free in The UK, as students choose to use the scholarship in whole or in part to cover the fees due.

The link to apply for the Denys Holland Scholarship Program

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarships of the University of Oxford ranks as one of the oldest scholarships in the world. It is a scholarship program for postgraduate studies. According to him, more than 89 students are selected annually, including international students, as academic excellence is considered a good criterion by which the student is guaranteed to study in The UK for free through this scholarship. It is also required that the higher education be related to either business administration or financial economics.

 The link to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship Program

Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship

The Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship is one of the scholarships for PhD studies in The UK, as it seeks to award about 25 international scholarships annually. Through the scholarship, the scholarship helps students study in The UK for free, by costing it to pay the student's full tuition fees, in addition to living and transportation expenses.

Link to apply for the Warwick Chancellor International Scholarship Program
Finally, it should also be noted that one of the factors that must be adopted in order to study in The UK for free, is the tribal search for the least expensive universities to study in The UK, because this would reduce the fees for the student. Thus, it guarantees him the comfort that enables him to focus on achieving good achievement, instead of searching for alternative means of paying the tuition fees.